The Ulm Wafer Experiment

To demonstrate the resolution of a 10 nm narrow line we use a wafer with diameter 150 mm.
By use of electron beam lithography we write a map of Germany on the scale of 1 : 6 000 000
on the wafer. In addition we write a 10 nm fine line which runs South to North. This line passes exactly
through Ulm – right across the Minster square.

Now imagine we enlarge the wafer by a factor of 6 000 000. In that case, the map reaches
the original size of Germany and the 10 nm line would widen to 6 cm!

Aeroview of the Ulmer Minster square:
At a magnification 6 000 000X the 10nm line would widen
to 6 cm and run across the Minster square to the left of the well.
Inspected with scanning Electron Microscopy at
50 000X magnification even the well on the Minster square
is clearly recognizable.

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